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Generally Problematic Stuff

So I've had marginally elevated blood pressure for a few months, bouncing around but generally trending downward. Then this past weekend I had a spike up to 170/110 along with palpitations and jaw pain, which motivated a very rapid trip to the ER. That was Saturday night; EKG was normal, and cardiac enzymes were negative on the first test. They kept me there overnight for another pair of tests, both of which were also negative. That's a good thing, but they also wanted to do a stress test before releasing me, and they don't do stress tests on Sundays. So one more night in hospital. At least the stress test was negative (and in fact I seem to have a rather healthy heart; I can hit a heart rate of 190 bpm and not be completely blown, and even at that heart rate my diastolic blood pressure was at or below its value before starting the test). They sent me home with instructions to cut back sodium intake to 2 g/day. That'll mean some changes, but it should be doable.

Yesterday went well at work even with the low-sodium diet. I was going in this morning, though, when I got L-boned; it's kind of like being T-boned, except the impact point is towards the end of the car. The other driver ran a red light going fast enough to spin my Civic around something like 180°, hitting my car on the driver's side right about on a line with the rear axle. The entire rear end was shoved over enough to leave a split on the passenger's side. Naturally, the car's totaled, as one would expect when an SUV hits a Civic. My left ear was ringing for a bit from the side curtain air bag deployment, but it kept my head from bouncing off the window. I still ended up with some pulled muscles in my neck and shoulder, and just to make sure that was all I spent four hours at the ER. (The same ER I'd been at Saturday night, of course.)

So now I have to find a replacement car. As spouse put it, we're tired of having other people hit us and having to make up the difference between what the insurance company pays and what a replacement actually costs. (Though we may elect to get a less expensive car and bequeath it to one of the kids in a few years. Hmmmm.)
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